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Limitless Barbers Inc. is a barbershop based in London Ontario that provides precision haircuts, styling, beard trims & hot towel shaves. Our commitment is to serve our community by making you feel well looked after and give you that fresh cut and service you’ve been searching for. Our barbers are well versed in all different styles, and we take educational opportunities as a chance to learn and grow our craft regularly to ensure our clients are getting the most recent on trend styles done properly.

It’s a lifestyle.

Precision, customization and true quality are what make Limitless Barbers Inc. different than the rest.


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When I started my beard journey 3 years I had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully I met Chelsea and she has guided me every step of the way, with great beard trims to great information on how to take care of it. I call her my beard whisperer cause my beard is on point when I leave her shop, I would never go anywhere else! I’m a loyal and truly satisfied customer!
-Craig M.
Forrest has been cutting my hair since October 2019. Always happy with the final product when leaving her chair. Conversation is easy, like talking to an old friend. She is dedicated to her craft and it shows in her work. Highly recommend.
-Evan S.
Chelsea is both personable and professional barber. She has an excellent attention to detail and truly cares what every haircut looks like. Barbering is her career and she takes it seriously, with years of experience Chelsea is amongst the best barbers 💈 in London Ontario. You get what you pay for like most things in life. So why spare any expense on yourself! Book with Chelsea today and you will not regret it.
-Spencer S.
Chelsea is an amazing barber who provides excellent service every time, with out a doubt! She always creates such a welcoming environment with her friendly personality. Amazing quality, service and friendly enjoyable conversation! Couldn’t ask for a better barber, I highly, highly recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a barber or in need of an up grade from their current one.
Chase K.
I have been going to Forrest for a little over a year now to get my haircut and each time I go it's better than the last. She's easy to talk to so there's none of that awkward small talk everyone hates, she knows exactly what she's doing so I never have to worry about how it's gonna look. I just sit in the chair and let her do her thing! Not only does she make my hair look unreal, she can somehow manage to make my barely existing beard look good! It's definitely true what they say "look good, feel good" and I always come out looking fresh and feeling good!10 out of 10 would recommend her to anyone wanting a fresh new look!
-Ryan Granger
Loyal client
Chelsea has been my barber for 3 years now. She has a vast versatility of styles , techniques, tips and can cater to every demographic of hair. Not only is her barber resumé extensive with reaching out to local and international barber conferences to keep up with modern demand and ongoing learning but the communication skills are the real reason I stay loyal. She’s a perfect mix of professional and friendly. Heading over to Chelsea is more than just a haircut but therapeutic, like going to a friend and catching up. The only downside of going to Chelsea is answering the question from everyone about one hundred times “who cut your hair?”
-Nasser K.
Very few people have been responsible for my hair. While working in London I had the pleasure of meeting Forrest and knew instantly as she worked tirelessly on my fade while recommending ways to grow both my rediculously thick hair and care for my beard that I would continue to rely on her expertise and experience. There is no one that I would trust more with barbering skills and grooming knowledge than Forrest. I am incredibly fortunate and happy to have met her. Thanks for everything.
-Brandon C
I have been to a handful of barbers in the past but after meeting Forrest I looked no further. No one else matches her skill level and standards. Forrest is extremely passionate about her work and has an awesome personality giving off a positive vibe. I have followed Forrest as she switched shops in the past and will always follow her. If you are looking for the best barber in town, it’s Forrest. I will not allow anyone else to touch my beard or hair ever again!
-Hesham B.
Forrest is the only person I trust to cut my hair and beard. Her fades and beard trims are so good I no longer have an egg shaped head.No one works harder to trim every piece of my ridiculously thick hair. Forrest is also a genuine person with grit and a crazy work ethic. I look forward to calling her my barber for many more years.
-Bryan S.
With a warm welcome and big smile. She is a great conversationalist and a very skilled barber. She is passionate about her work and and you can tell by the quality of her cuts. If your in search of a barber in the London and surrounding area, I would highly recommend Forrest!
-Ben B.
Down to earth friendly professional service with no pretentious nonsense which you would expect at a barber’s in the London area. Chelsea is a well trained and experienced barber, who always gives a first class hair cut to your requirements and is happy to give advice for a style that suits you. Prices are reasonable too for a barber in London." It’s also pretty awesome when you know that your barber has won a few Barbering competitions and stays current with the ongoing styles and trends. In all great stylist with the authentic old school Barbering technique. I’m going to her till I have the last strand of hair left to cut on my head.
-Amit K.
Forrest is the only person I trust to cut my hair and beard. Her fades and beard trims are so good I no longer have an egg shaped head.No one works harder to trim every piece of my ridiculously thick hair. Forrest is also a genuine person with grit and a crazy work ethic. I look forward to calling her my barber for many more years.
-Bryan S.
Chelsea has been cutting my hair and my beard for 3 years. She is simply amazing in all aspects. Everything is always on point. Her kind demeanor and attention to detail are unmatched in London. True professional and recommended to all men who care about their beards in London.
-Rob C.
I’ve been to barbers in Chicago, Vancouver, Victoria and a lot here in London and I’m super picky who I go to. I do my research and ask questions before going anywhere and once I found Chelsea and go my first cut and shave I knew I found the go to barber here in London. If you want the best she’s the best I’ve ever been to. Fades and straight razor shaved she will make sure she’s leaves you walking out the door feeling like a millionaire. She knows what she’s doing and you won’t be disappointed and the best thing is, her prices are perfect, your not spending a fortune but what you do spend is well worth it. Get in to see her and let her work her magic. Edward scissor hands would be jealous with what this master barber can do!!!!
-John J.
Forrest always has a smile and it was always nice sitting in her chair. She's fun, funny and does a mean haircut. Would recommend her to anyone!
-Dan Kiekens
I had found an AMAZING barber in PEI while I lived there. I was looking to find someone who could compare and I found someone BETTER. Forrest is an incredible barber and an even better person 10/10 would recommend!
-Justin S.
Chelsea is arguably the best barber I’ve been lucky enough to have. I can say so many great things about her skill, attention to detail, and creativity when it comes to her barbering. However, I think what really sets her apart is the experience as a whole. You can come to her with an idea and it doesn’t matter if it’s a long term goal, or short she is honest and up front about what can happen, and should happen with your hair. You couple this with a genuinely enjoyable conversation and the ability to swap stories and you get a truly unmatchable experience I am fortunate to have her as a barber and would recommend her to anyone. Ps. Straight razor skills are on point too.
-Matt P.
Forrest has been cutting my hair since last year, and I can safely say I've found a barber for life. I've given her full creative control to cut and style my hair in any way she wants, and have always been happy with the results. She's super talented, has cut an incredible array of styles (just take a look at her page), and gives you great results. As I say, barber for life.
-Namit S.
If you are a gentleman used to hair stylists giving you a cut at your local walk-in, be prepared to be blown away by the level of skill that Forrest possesses. Her dedication to barbering education is astounding. She is both meticulous and a good conversationalist, but surprisingly quick. What more could you ask for?
-Jordan A.

A cutting edge cut every time....Chelsea never disappoints!!
-Tracy​ ​

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